If the universe was your sugar daddy, 
would you be willing to 
you ask for?
Ask and you shall receive is universal law.  
But because most of our lives we have been told that we cannot have what we want, we have our wires crossed living lives working way to hard for what we desire.

What if I told you there is an easier way?

I'd like to show you the elements of how to get your ASK to Actualize into your life...


Your ASK is powerful.
And when it's working for you, your life will never be the same.

The universe is a response system,
it's job is to deliver you what you ask for.

But most people don't know HOW to ask, or what to even ask for.

Even worse, we have childhood trauma and programming that keeps us in subconscious loops proving that you cannot have what you truly desire, let alone ask for.

Is this you?
 - You'd like to have life work easier
 - You'd love to know HOW to ask for what you desire AND receive it.
 - You definitely feel like you have blocks to asking and/or receiving.
 - You are open to receiving what you ask for.... maybe even everything you ask for!

Join me for 2 hours that can change your consciousness forever.
Asking & Receiving is what most people simply don't know how to do.
Don't ask for more
Don't ask for too much
Don't ask, you won't get it

Is what we are told as kids.

Are you ready to ditch all that?

Life can be easier, much easier
If you are on this planet, with a body, reading this now, you have the capacity to receive from the universe.  Truth is, what our parents teach us, what we learn in school does not allow for ease, joy and glory living.  
They do not teach us that all of life can be ease-filled.  We learn how to work hard, to struggle, to create drama, then be frustrated, disappointed spinning our wheels in a never ending rat race.

But let's get real.....

Would you like another way?
Do you know so much more is possible?

I am living proof that ask and receive WORKS and you can do it too, I'll show ya!

Identify and Release
  • Release lies about what you deserve
  • Upgrade your subconscious to RECEIVE easily
  • Stop blocking your receiving
  • Release lies about what you deserve
  • Upgrade your subconscious to RECEIVE easily
  • Stop blocking your receiving
  • HOW to ask so that your request is heard and you receive.
  • Energetically Activate your requests to the universe
  • Become the version of you who receives everything you ask for!
  • HOW to ask so that your request is heard and you receive.
  • Energetically Activate your requests to the universe
  • Become the version of you who receives everything you ask for!
I'll show you how to use the 3 energies and 4 steps to 
receiving everything you ask for that you can start using immediately.

Is now the time to choose to allow the universe to be YOUR sugar daddy and receive EVERYTHING you ask for?
What's included:
2.5 hour  Video Class
Including Superconscious SHIFT session to rewire your subconscious
Video and audio recordings 

USA/Canada: June 29
3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern

Australia/New Zealand: June 30
8am AEST, 10am NZ

Europe: Overnight

🌐 Global times here

$99 USD 
The buzz about this class...
LIVE in Charleston (11 spots left)
$300 USD 
Joining live?  Champagne and delicious orgasmic treats will be served!
2 Payments of  $160 USD 

Immediately more money!
 I just realised that attending this class actually had me come home with more money than I left with, and in actual fact, turns out I made enough to cover all my costs for the day and some... seriously, hdigbtt? Don't take a class with Cory Michelle, magic might show up your life!!!!
Sharee Fennell
Great day....looking forward to more magic coming from you !!!! and all of us...Thank you for being you!
Debbie Harding 
Laughing changes the energy fast!
 Yes, thank you! It was a great class! With lots of laughs!
Cindy Bateman
So much fun and magic yesterday. Thank you Cory Michelle xx
Kim Fazzolari 
Finding the lie!
Was so much fun! It's amazing watching you facilitate, and how your face lights up when you 'see the lie'.  I'll have that!!!
Jen Alexander
What if YOU are the key to receiving?
Your Magical Facilitator
Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO
 I was 33, sitting in my living room it hit me, if I lived another 50 years struggling with money, it simply was not worth it. Struggle with money was terrible for me. I saw other people have money with ease, I dated a millionaire, so I knew it was possible. What was so wrong with me that I couldn't figure out how to have money?

I made a demand. This must change or I am not willing to be here.

I started using Ask & Receive and like magic my life began to work in magical ways.  One of my biggest hidden blocks is that I didn't know HOW to receive, and this is a massive block in the 3D reality.  But, we were BORN to receive, and receive from the universe.  

It's now 11 years later and I am living my 5D Magical life, daily using this universal law, ask and you shall receive.

Will you let me show you the easy way to activate your receiving the magic of living?

Refund Policy
Refund policy: If you are already planning on requesting a refund, please do not purchase as your mindset is already focused on what will not work for you.   
We do not offer refunds for live classes.

To check in with your awareness, simply ask, "Can this class contribute to me receiving more?", if you get a yes or lightness in your world, join us.  If not, don't.  
My commitment is to give my all and I ask that students show up ready to receive, even if they have doubt, we will work with your subconscious to rewire that 3D programming during class.

PS - if you say YES to receiving from me and the concepts I'll be teaching you here, you WILL receive something, often it's much more than you think from a $99 class.
Saying YES is your super power.
xo Cory Michelle
Cory Michelle Intl, Crazy Possible®
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