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What's included:
Live 2.5 hour class
Including Superconscious SHIFT session to rewire your subconscious
Video and audio recordings 

USA/Canada: June 29
3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern

Australia/New Zealand: June 30
8am AEST, 10am NZ

Europe: Overnight

ūüĆź Global times here

Learning how to use ask and receive was a game changer!! It was doing it all wrong and creating blocks for myself.  Now, everything comes to me, I love it!  ~ Jackie M.

What if I cannot make it live?
No problem, you'll receive the recording within 24 hours of the end of the live event.
Refund Policy
Refund policy: If you are already planning on requesting a refund, please do not purchase as your mindset is already focused on what will not work for you.   
We do not offer refunds for live classes.

To check in with your awareness, simply ask, "Can this class contribute to me receiving more?", if you get a yes or lightness in your world, join us.  If not, don't.  
My commitment is to give my all and I ask that students show up ready to receive, even if they have doubt, we will work with your subconscious to rewire that 3D programming during class.

PS - if you say YES to receiving from me and the concepts I'll be teaching you here, you WILL receive something, often it's much more than you think from a $99 class.
Saying YES is your super power.
xo Cory Michelle
Cory Michelle Intl, Crazy Possible¬ģ
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