Cory Michelle Presents the SUPERCONSCIOUS Revolution!


have ease with money!

in an hour a week!

It’s true… There’s a new and different way for you to Easily embody 
wealth consciousness. 

It’s called the Superconscious SHIFT

And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it transmutes your financial blocks and limitations by activating your future self consciousness.
And as you’ll see, it effective and fast. 

Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to work on yourself for years or wonder what you are missing. This process shows you how to access your Superconscious and embody the wealthy you immediately.

Yes, you can embody wealth consciousness regardless of whether you’ve tried everything already, your situation, or even if your finances are good but you've hit a ceiling. 

So, if you want to embody wealth consciousness and have finical abundance, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you here.

Hi, I'm Cory Michelle.  Welcome to a new and different kind of transformation.

Become Wealthy by 
Accessing Your Superconscious!

What would it be like to rewire your subconscious so that it supports you in effortlessly embodying
wealth consciousness?

Are you interested in removing blocks to
receiving for good?

What would it be like to quantum jump to your future self.... who is wealthy?

This is the kind of transformation the Superconscious SHIFT Sessions create!

Each Superconscious SHIFT session is designed to transmute and rewire your subconscious removing 'junk' conditioning patterns that keeps you from:

✨ Trusting yourself 
✨ Fully receiving
✨ Following your awareness (every time)
✨ Having Unwavering Confidence
✨ Naturally responding instead of reacting
✨ Being at ease with who you truly are
✨ Being paid for being you
✨ Allowing universal abundance to naturally flow to you

All the 'work' you've done on money up until now will 'work' even better when you reset your baseline for Wealth Consciousness.  This is what is required to end the cycle of issues with money.

Truth is, you have a blueprint of wealth consciousness to tap into, even if it is dormant right now, if you've been trying to create wealth, have ease with money, receive even more or be financially free, this is the blueprint leading you to what you can experience.

The Superconscious SHIFT Sessions will assist you in becoming your future self who has activated your wealth consciousness and living your wealthy life.

Let's be honest...

We do not have time to fiddle around any longer being frustrated with finances, wanting more ease, and abundance when it is possible to make this shift now!  We are in the midst of the 4D to 5D transition, where instead of 'working for money', you step into the stream of receiving. It's the next level of consciousness where you can access abundance through your energy, not working harder (or smarter), but opening your container to receive even more.  Is this what your consciousness is calling for?

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Activate Your Supersoncsious Wealth!

Rewire your consciousness for 
prosperity & financial abundance

in an hour a week!


Remove Financial self sabotage 
anchor in the new WEALTHY YOU...

Who has the ability to CHOOSE anything you desire!

If you...

👉 Feel like you are missing something 
👉 Have already learned 'all the things' about money
👉 Create up and down months financially
👉 Have debt you do not want
👉 Feel like you have hit a financial ceiling

What you are missing is not: 
working more, 
trying harder,
endless clearings or even 
learning more.

To bridge this gap, and become the wealthy you,
is about an upgrade in consciousness.

The way to do this is not what you think.

It's about becoming......

Yes, becoming this wealthy version of you.

Why is this hard to do on your own?

Because your current identity has all of the blocks, limitations, beliefs along with successes with transforming yourself and having breakthroughs.  Making this transformation is different.

You cannot be the current version of yourself and upgrade your wealth consciousness.

During the Superconscious SHIFT Sessions, you BECOME the version of you energetically templating this version of you into your now present moment.
You will use your powerful Superconscious to transmute the exact energy patterns you have that have been holding you in your current identity.

You will then activate the future Identity, embody that energy AND radiate it through your field of consciosuness.

This sends the frequency out into your field, and as you be more and more this version of you, while transmuting 3D and 4D limitations, you naturally become this new version of you.

Over time (and often times quickly), you'll BE this version of you.

In turn, allowing your life to reflect your new consciousness.

Think of it like... new you, new reality.

And it can all happen in an hour a week.

Transmute the EXACT old unconscious patterns, habits and thoughts that do not match 
our new reality.

Naturally BE this new Identity in your life!

Use your superconscious to Remove Self Doubt & Limiting Beliefs Rooted In Your Subconscious…

These 2 bonuses are a total uplevel into 5D Consciousnesses!

Join today and have instant access.

Bonus #1

Receiving Millions Being You

This 2 day video course ignites the conscious of the version of you who is free to be all of you AND receives millions!  Diving into creating your future self map anchors in a new version of yourself that leads the way in your life. Total Game Changer!

Bonus #2

SHIFT: Passive Income CEO

This special shift session unlocks your consciousness that holds the key to YOU being a creator of passive income!  This consciousness SHIFT can be massive and opens your awareness sot bring in new passive income.

Upcoming LIVE Session Topics

Address UN-conscious patterns so that your consciousness is creating for you 24/7!

This Week: Q&A With Cory 

Have questions about what the SHIFT sessions are bringing up for you?  Want to know how to get even MORE out of them?  Wondering about Cory's approach to magical living?  Cory will answer these questions and any more you might have in this session.

Being an Energetic Creator

You are already the energetic creator you want to be in the world - this SHIFT upgrade will help you see it, accept it and BE it.

Being the Dominant Energy

Shed the addiction to allowing other people rule your reality, become the dominant being in your energy field and watch your ability to create expand in all directions with this SHIFT Upgrade.

Being Unf*#kwithable

Have you ever longed to be unf*ckwithable - the kind of person who can stand their ground and not be manipulated, no matter what? This SHIFT upgrade is for you.

You can access any of these Superconscious SHIFT sessions immediately!

Receiving in the 3D is tied up in working hard, doing, exchanging, but when you are creating in 5D there is an effortlessness in receiving.  Not to say you won't do anything or exchange, but more shows up with less effort, and it will seem like it magically shows up!  

This SHIFT session will dial in who you be when you truly live your life having plenty, having so much you don't know what to do with it all.  You'll create new neural pathways to becoming this version of you opening the space and wonder to who you will become!

One of the main limitations we facilitate is not putting self as a priority. This includes putting family, kids, and other's dramas ahead of yours. Once you become your greatest priority, the universe is listening and your creations can come into reality faster!

Do you want a life where miracles happen any time you ask for them? Then this SHIFT Upgrade is for you. Hone in on what you need to transmute and upgrade to live a life of daily miracles!

Surrender can be hard and scary! But soooo worth it!
Surrender and trusting your desires are available and that you are worthy and deserving of having them be REAL in your life! Yes you can have it and allowing yourself to surrender will spark even more magic in your life!

Do you find it hard to say no? Feel icky when someone is frustrated or annoyed at you? Are you constantly looking for ways to make other people's lives easier - at the cost of your own? This session will allow you to release that need to please and focus on you.

What is your relationship to boundaries? Do you have boundaries that work for you? Do you have resistance to setting boundaries and sticking with them?  
 I wonder what abundance is possible for you in setting bountiful boundaries?

Setting goals and implementing boundaries is only the beginning - to truly create your desires, masterful follow through is everything! 


Weekly Session Times

🇺🇲 USA & 🇨🇦 CANADA 🇪🇺Europe
US Pacific - 3pm

US MTN - 4pm

US Central - 5pm
US Eastern - 6pm


UK 11pm

🇦🇺 AUS & 🇳🇿 NZ
AEST - Brisbane - 8am

AEDT - Sydney & Melb - 8am

Perth - 6am

NZ - 10am

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Replays available within 12 hours of session in the member's area.

5D Vibe Tribe FAQs

I already have a coach. Will this still work for me?

Great question… and one you SHOULD be asking! Yes this will still work for you...and your COACH will probably thank you for being a part of 5D Vibe Tribe. Why? Well, 5D Vibe Tribe gives you what he/she can’t. Weekly consciousness upgrades that will support you in everything else in your life and drives results!

What if I’m just a beginning in my 5D Creation Journey? Is this for me?

Lucky you! You will save years off your journey by doing what works first!

I already bought your 5D Creation Process and SHIFT 3 Pack . How is this different?

So since you've been in Cory Michelle's classes before, you know she has a priority of offering tons of value and 5D Creation tools that work.  The 5D Vibe Tribe is different in that you have the chance to be live weekly with her, which is normally reserved for her Creation Academy members.  This is truly a unique opportunity.  3 SHIFT Sessions are offered monthly, along with 1 live Q&A session to support you.

Do I need to be on all the live sessions?

Nope!  However we recommend that you schedule it in to be on live with us so that you set yourself up to do the sessions weekly.  We know how life gets, and setting yourself up for success is key.
The sessions work just as well on the recordings if you cannot make a session live.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

We got you!  You'll have access to our private Telegram group where you can ask questions, and our monthly Q&A Session with Cory Michelle are there to address things you'll need to give you a boost during the month.

How do I join the weekly SHIFT Upgrade sessions?

We will send you a link at start of each week to jump on.
The sessions will be at the same time weekly.  Easy peasy!

How do I access the replays?

We have a super awesome and easy members area where you'll see the replay dropped in within 12 hours of the session.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is! 100% money back guarantee! If you don’t love the 5D Vibe Tribe, for any reason, you can ask for a full refund within 14 days of joining. You can also cease your membership at any time.  

Do you have people who’ve used this with success?

YES!  We have reports of people having much more ease in creating their desires.  These sessions compound, the more you do the more you SHIFT and upgrade!  Sustaining the NEW version of you can take a long time, however with the 5D Vibe Tribe, we collapse time and bring your dreams alive!
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