Transform Yourself from 4D hamster wheel to 
5D Magical Living in 8 weeks!
Without meditating at 4am!
Get unstuck, activate your magic and Live Your Magical Life!
If you've tried everything 
but still feel energetically blocked, 
then something has to change 
if you want your life to be magical.
This program is for you.

It's clear the 3D Control Matrix we call reality is disintegrating from our consciousness. 
If you're struggling to maintain your joy, magic, or creating YOUR dream reality, 
it's time to transform yourself.

Clarity, Confidence, Freedom and Magic 24/7!

Over 8 weeks you'll go though a process of transforming from the current identity you are now, into your future 5D magical self.

It doesn't matter what you've tried before, how many times you feel like you've failed or had to start over.

In fact, the more you've tried, the better this transformation.

The gurus say manifesting will be easy... just attract what you desire.

But when it's not showing up consistently, it's frustrating AF.

What's the deal???

You can see it, smell it and even have bouts of magic but have no idea what's going on when it all seems to vanish.

No one told you that despite doing 'all the things, clearings, mantras' you could still end up feeling disappointed, overwhelmed and unclear in life.

Every course you've ever taken has given you pieces of the magical living puzzle. 
If I can help you design your magical life so that you transform yourself, 
would it be worth 8 weeks of your life?

I mean... how long have you been 'trying' to create your magical life for?

For me, it was over 12 years.

After devouring every personal growth, empowerment, self help and spiritual concept I could get my hands on. 

I KNEW A TON, however my life didn't reflect what I had learned was possible.

I was left searching, frustrated and disappointed, spinning my wheels over and over again not gaining traction, when all I wanted was to consistently be living in a magical reality.

What I never realized is that I was stuck in my 4th Dimension consciousness.

We go through themes of consciousness called dimensions. As each theme has a set of ways of being, beliefs and energetic priorities that are distinct.

When you skill up and can consciously move to the next level, like in a video game or Karate class.

You fully can release the previous version of you who functioned in that lower level, and become the new version of you.

What happens is...
We come into the Earth Realm
Are conditioned in the 3D
Work our way to the 4D
Then often get stuck in the 4th theme

Let me explain.

Why do we get stuck in the 4th dimensional consciousness?

4th dimensional consciousness is freeing you to start having success, tuning into your intuition, you feel empowered and connected, however...

It might feel like you on a roller coaster...
Have to keep clearing your blocks or fixing yourself...
You have some doubt that you are enough...
And don't fully trust yourself or your awareness yet.

In this theme you're also triggered by people, external situations and things that seem out of your control. Trying to regain peace through meditation or other practices.
While magic might be showing up and you have 'nothing to complain about' in life, you know deep inside that so much more is available for you and you want the magic 24/7.

Your focus might still be on getting money, losing weight, getting clients, getting your health back.

What's beyond the struggle of the 4D consciousness?

5th dimensional consciousness is where you surrender to being infinite,  fully trust yourself, your awareness, have full confidence, and the freedom to be yourself fully. You have mastery with non-attachment and your flow state.
You're clear, confident and free.

This is where 24/7 magic is embodied.

This version of you is no longer triggered but has allowance for the 3D & 4D realities and the people in them.
This version knows that they are not at the effect of anyone or anything, and is in conscious choice and creation with the universe, divine and source.

Your focus is on contribution, your energy, being on purpose, and everything always works out for you.

Truth is... you already have access to your 5D Self.

So how do you access this version of you so that you never go backwards?
This is exactly the process I'd like to take you though.

As it is not a learning, it's a process of transforming yourself, an experience.

Since you've already done a lot of different things to get to 4D consciousness, you likely already know the 'elements' but have not figured out how to get beyond your 4D identity that has gotten you this far.

This is why I've created

8 Weeks To Transforming Yourself into Your 5D Magical Future Self

This is my signature course that creates sustainable transformation from 4D to 5D consciousness.  
Where you gain clarity, confidence and the freedom to fully be yourself!

If you don't want to be dealing with the same 'issues' and in the same place, and want a lift up and activate your magic and be manifesting your dream life before the end of the year.
This course is for you!

If you're ready to...

  • Have confidence in your ability to create
  • Increase your trust in yourself and your awareness
  • Get clear on your future & know what to focus on
  • ​Understand how to create anything at any time
  • ​Have freedom to totally be yourself
  • ​Activate your magical living
  • ​Be inspired about what you're creating
  • ​Be in your flow and have momentum
  • Stop doubting yourself and your power
  • Release toxic patterns and self sabotage
  • ​Release fear of success
  • ​Remove distractions with ease
  • ​Clear energetic and mental blocks
  • ​Release your 4D identity
  • ​Get off the hamster wheel
  • ​​End the addiction to thinking "I just have to..." that you never do


What's included in this customized transformation experience?

  • Activate Your Future 5D Self 3 hour immersion Process in Video Modules
  • 6 Part Transform Yourself System in Video Modules
  • 7 Activations (Cory's form of meditation)
  • ​7 Superconscious sessions to support rewiring of your subconscious (recordings)
  • ​5D Future Self Reality Map
  • ​Process on how to live your magical life - YOUR WAY
  • ​Watch Parties of Each Module Weekly!

With the Transform Yourself Process You'll Discover

  • Clarity on your next timeline
  • ​Increase confidence in yourself and your awareness
  • ​Become free to be yourself totally
  • ​How to have energetic mastery when the 3D world is crumbling 
  • How to set targets that are guaranteed to manifest
  • ​How to live in non-attachment
  • ​How to Create Your Customized 5D Future Self Reality map that guides you 
  • ​How to decipher a 4D desire and a 5D Desire
  • ​How to focus on your energetic priorities instead of your energetic addictions
  • Clean up your energetic field in your mind, body and surroundings (including relationships)
  • ​Activate your potency with receiving money
  • ​Learn how to effectively receive everything you ask for
  • ​How to Transmute your triggers in seconds
  • How to ​Identify blocks and limitations and move beyond them in minutes
  • ​How to create ANYTHING you desire
  • ​How to become aligned energetically with your future
  • ​How to attract, not chase.

 I don't wanna wait,
what's the schedule?

This program starts the minute you say yes!

All modules will be available to you upon registration, and we have set up watch parties to view content as a group and will have coaches available to answer any questions.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

🌟 I've included TRANSFORMATIONAL bonuses 🌟

to support you further in your upgrade from 4D to 5D identity

BONUS: Transform Your Consciousness with Money

Often people get stuck in working hard and 'doing' for money.  Which worked to get from unconsciousness with money 3D to 4D.  
But to expand into 5D consciousness with money is a whole different ball game!  
This video class addresses the shift required to have a new reality with money!

BONUS: Quantum Timeline Hopping

Can we just BE there already? 
Yes, you can, this Bonus session shows you HOW.  
If you've ever wondered how to quantum jump into another timeline, you will love this module.
This bonus is added so your transformation goes deep into your subconscious and you begin functioning from the quantum to create.

BONUS: 10 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

We know how much live support assists in the transformation process so we've added group coaching sessions weekly so you can jump on and receive support for any questions, or challenges you're having.  
Our coaching will quickly assist you and you'll be on your way!

BONUS: Drops of Consciousness

Daily we are bombarded with low vibes, and when the world is deconstructing, it can seem like things are falling apart.  Cory has put together a series of daily drops of consciousness to contribute to your consciousness remembering and embodying your full 5D consciousness and beyond!  These are audios that you can download and listen at any time!

BONUS: 4 Personal Coaching Sessions 

In my 12 years of creating courses, I've learned that self study transformation is not as effective as don-with-you programs. You will come up against things that having assistance with will really help!  
To support you, we're adding 3 personal sessions with one of our magical living coaches for you to use during your course!  
They're a client FAVORITE, ensuring your success.

BONUS 5: Continuing Momentum 1-1 Call

Your future is important!  
So you get one final private call with our team to set your future up so that you keep going with the momentum.


3 payments of

(total $1,497)


1 payment of

(save $200) 

Next 10 7 registrations receive a private session with Cory Michelle valued at $1000.


7 payments of

(total $1,497)

Because we guarantee our program, we would like to make sure we can help you have the transformation you are seeking.

Apply today

Upon registration, you gain access to the modules, and the Facebook group along with
Watch party schedule, and live coaching details.
All class information will be emailed.

Do you have questions?  Wondering if this course is right for you?
Book in for a no pressure chat with our team here

When you've tried everything and you KNOW now is the time... We got you!
⭐ You want to have clarity and stop being stuck
⭐ You want to be in YOUR flow
⭐ You want to feel amazing about what you're creating in your life
⭐ You want to have the magical experience of living
⭐ You want to trust yourself
⭐ And pull all the way out of the madness of the 3D reality!

It's time to get 4D to 5D support so that you can BE the 5D magical creator you truly are!

Join us for your transformation.

Dear Magical Unicorn,
I will not insult your brilliance with a standard sales page.

This is your official invitation to step into being the magical unicorn you truly be and create the F out of your life. 

Because you can, even if you think you've lost your magic.

If you are not interested in that, this course is not for you.

I won't be selling you, convincing you, NLPing you or shaming you into purchasing.

Truth is, I am interesting in surrounding myself with magical creators. Brilliant people who are saying F YES to creating our world to be one we desire to live in.

One where the current world events are a thing of the past.

But it will take US to create from the space of crazy possible.

Are you willing to be the gift you truly be and  create what YOU only know is possible?

If so, you are invited to join us in this global movement of crazy possible empowerment where YOU are the creator.

We begin on November 5th recording the live bonuses, and Module 1 begins on November 12th (USA) 13th in Australia.  

What you'll find here instead of me 'selling' you on why this program is so great in some endless sales letter, you'll see real testimonials from real people who have taken this class in the last 2 years, you'll find the program details, and a place to register. No fluff. No BS.  You've already seen the Unicorn's Guide to Living Crazy Possible, and if that didn't inspire the F out of you, then this course is not for you. 

If it did however... Let's create crazy possible!

I wonder who will join us in a life re-direct moving into 2018, the year of Crazy Possible?  I wonder if you've been asking for this?

With gratitude, 
Cory Michelle
Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
Creator Crazy Possible Experiment®
"The issue 5th Dimensionals have when they're not fully creating magical lives is that they're simply not congruent with their future self.
They are not F'd up, or broken. 

They simply require a different way to create their life."

- Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO

We asked Transform Yourself Program 

 students to share what they transformed during the program...

Here's what they said!

Nothing is the same about me since working with Cory, I have up-leveled every area of my life.
I received $100k raise, lost 20kilos, have a gorgeous place I love AND am now officially a Sparkle Coach. I never thought I could quantum leap so quickly!

Crystal Mischief

Wellington, New Zealand


I have embodied the Me that is Me!

Lisa Grunden

Georgia, USA

Hi. My name is Lisa Grunden and I have been working with Cory in Creation Academy for nearly a year. What has changed?


I don’t even recognize/associate with the me I was before. I kept showing up day after day, week after week participating in the exercises, journaling, magic mornings, etc. And one day, I suddenly realized the things I had been asking for had actualized in my experience, credit cards with zero balances, money from unexpected places, clients, programs…. The real difference was me. I am different. No longer triggered down the long, dark rabbit holes of anxiety, fear, desperation. Instead, there is this vibration in my body, in my field – awareness’s I don’t always have words for.

I have embodied the Me that is Me. Yes, sometimes I still engage in old behaviors, or they are a fleeting thought – nothing like it used to be. I no longer judge myself harshly, punish myself, sabotage myself or wish that everything could have been different.

I love myself. I love my body. I love my life. I have gratitude for the good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing, all of it.

And, because of all the work I have done that Cory generously facilitated – I am creating crazy possible and beyond and jumped into my Life.

Thank you, Cory!!

My relationship is working better than it has in years!

Julie Eggan

Oregon, USA

Since joining Creation Academy, I feel like I’m on a completely different timeline.

I’ve created a new opportunity for passive income. My relationship with my partner is working better than it’s been in years. And for the first time in my life, magical living feels actually possible, not just a fantasy.

Thank you for helping me create a magical life.

I quit my soul sucking job to follow my calling, putting ME first!

Rachel Hill

Oregon, USA

I made up my mind that my side hustle is truly where my heart is, and it was time to put my current career where it needed to be.

So I start making products, and the next thing I know, my old clients are asking me if I can supply them again.

And it’s all on my terms too!

I've paid off over $35k in debt!

Wendy Dayton

Denver, Colorado

I am a different person and it feels amazing!

Maryann Baker

Portland, Oregon

"Cory is good for you!"

Victoria Longo


"I actually believe ANYTHING is possible for me now!"

"I am not going in circles anymore! I have momentum!"

"I left a job of 30 years moved, now transitioning into a new life as an artist and I couldn't be happier my dream is coming true."

"My creativity for my business was sparked again." 

"I am no longer stuck in a loop, and that is so freeing!"

"I bought my dream home with do drama, it fell in my lap!"

"Cleared the financial attachment to the ex-husband, this was HUGE and holding me back big time. I feel free and the new me."

"I came in with a large fear/ lack mindset. This has enormously shifted during this course, I feel different."

"I let go of a lot of self-judgment, especially around my body healing, PTSD healing, releasing the marriage. I realized I have made tremendous progress on myself and life even though before the program it didn't feel like I had.  This made a massive difference!"

"Each module was deep and I felt like I really got concepts that I knew, but never was able to apply."

"I have struggled being a people pleaser my whole life, and I'm grateful to say I have broken that pattern! I am my priority and it's glorious!"

The clarity I feel after just a few weeks since spending 24 years as a healer has no words, I am so grateful for the Transform Yourself Program.

In a matter of working with energetic priorities I paid off $50k in debt, money began showing up out of nowhere and I am more happy and fulfilled in my life making a difference for my clients!

Susan Russo

Colorado, USA


Cory Michelle, I no longer focus on the woe is me, and I am now the powerful creator of my life!  It's real, everything I ask for actually shows up!

Michele Wiwchar



"I no longer have doubt, anxiety and fear, and I know how I create that I have never known before". She has the finger on the pulse of what ever is required to unlock and expand.

Monya Nicholson

New Zealand


It's hard to pinpoint what has changed since learning energetic mastery, because everything has changed.  I am different.  My choices are different.
I have more ease creating my life and I feel more relaxed and connected.
Things show up that I've always wanted that felt stuck in the past.  It's amazing!

Michelle Robbe

Victoria, Australia


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From 3D to 5D Living!

"If you're done hoping and wishing things will manifest, Cory Michelle will pop you out of this destructive fantasy and help you ignite your true creative capacities."
- Ben Cussel
Cory, I have to share with you, I didn't think this course would create any changes for me. Nothing ever did before. I was really looking to blame you for not delivering.
 But I happily have to report I was totally wrong!
Turns out, I am a magical creator! I work and I can create! 
 This is the biggest gift anyone could have given me. So much gratitude. 
- Ellen, Norway
My Whole Life Changed.
"I did Transform Yourself in November 2021 and wow it catapulted my life into such an epic timeline."

 - Nattolie Hartwell, Canada
I'm A Brand New Me.
“I don't even know who the version of me was that signed up for Transform Yourself. 

I signed up for Transform yourself because I've been having trouble figuring out how to create in the 5D when everything around me is crumbling away. 

I'm no longer doing any of the same things in my business. I'm being consistent, which is a lot of fun.”

 - Jennifer Holik, USA
I Got My Happiness Back.
"I feel like me and the level of happiness that I used to have, is just sort of back. 

Which is something I lost for a while. I woke up this morning like, "I'm so happy again." 

I'm also back into creating. I'm writing classes, creating talks, maybe even a book. That has changed dramatically since Transform Yourself."

 - Alicia Sweezer, USA
Amazing, Just Amazing!!!
"Transform Yourself was amazing!!! 

I feel like my head is buzzing with all the things that came during the class. 

I'm trying to be cool and chill about it, but at the same time, I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, that was amazing."

 - Bobbi Frazier, USA
I Discovered How To Be Manifest
“I absolutely loved Transform Yourself, it answered so many questions about why I get stuck in the 4D.

It's had a massive impact on my world. 

I've manifested an amazing high vibrational man, and it happened because, through Transform Yourself, I learned to be unattached to the outcome.”

 - Sara Vine, UK
More Awareness, Less Judgement.
“I signed up for Transform Yourself due to all the drama in the world. 

Since joining, I notice quickly when I get into an energetic addiction which is good because I would always judge myself in the past. That's a big deal for me. 

Also, I have more ease with money and created the extra income to pay for the course.”

 - Faith Presley, Canada
More Focused and Masterful With My Energy.
“Since Transform Yourself, the change in me is that I spend more time focused on what I do want instead of what I don't.

It sounds simple, but it's not always what I've done, and then I get frustrated. 

I can pull back all my energy which is nice and has created a more grounded feeling in my body.”

 - Darla Talbot, Canada
Leaving everything created more!
"I had a number of things in my life I was unsatisfied with and believed I was stuck.  Stressful job, a relationship that wasn't working.  Both were daily energy and happiness sucks.  

After this class, I took the leap, and left both!  It was a little scary, but I knew I couldn't choose unhappiness any longer.  

Almost immediately, a new job popped up that is so much fun and allows me space, and I am really enjoying creating my life for me!"

 -Kara, Illinois
From no money and abusive relationship to freedom!
"When I first started working with Cory, I had nowhere to turn.  I was in an abusive marriage with kids, I didn't know what I could do to change it and was terrified of leaving.  

It's crazy, when I got clear on the life I wanted to be living, possibilities came out of nowhere.  

Long story short, I am now divorced, AND just hit one of my targets of having my very first $10,000 month!  I am the happiest I've ever been."
 -Jennifer C, Illinois
"I said YES to me when I got the awareness that this course is what I was asking for.  
No more waiting, which was my old pattern, I just said yes!" 
- Simone Jeffers, Australia
Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO
Who is this UnicornCEO?
It's possible to live a magical life, I would know, I had to discover it myself.
Hi I am cory Michelle, founder of Conscious360, and creator of Magical Living By Design.

Don't let my sunny smile fool you: Before I learned how to implement the universal laws I was frustrated, banging my head against the wall having no idea what I was missing. Like you, I imagined that when I learned about manifestation, ask and receive, and did energetic clearings for years, I'd be living my dream life.

But I was trapped in a vicious cycle that seemed invisible to me. I'd do a clearing, have energy work, have some massive epiphany or awareness, and think "YES That was it! Feel amazing for a few days and realize that nothing really changed.
This had me addictively seeking to fix my problem... of being stuck.

It was a never ending cycle I couldn't escape, even though I thought I was doing all the right things. I truly believed that with everything I did, I should be manifesting like crazy by now.

Sound familiar? I'm sure you can relate.
It wasn't until I discovered the power of my future self that I finally understood why I was stuck and frustrated.

What I learned completely changed me and my life, and it can change yours too.
I wasn't stuck because of lack of effort, I was stuck because I was missing a few elements that I would discover made everything work, creating magic in my life.

* Results vary depending on what you are willing to choose.  Transform Yourself  Program gives you the tools to do it with greater ease and faster.
 Ok. Obviously I want magic in my life, but I've still got questions..."

Over at the UnicornHQ, we love questions. Here are some of the most common ones we receive about the Transform Yourself Program.

How much time weekly should I set aside for this transformation?
Each class (except the Activate Your Future Self) is 90 minutes.  
A total of 90 minutes per week, plus any self reflection you do.
Anyone can do this, and if you are too busy to change your life, then you might actually need this class to shift your life into your flow.

What if it doesn't work for me?
What you really are asking, is, DO I REALLY WORK?
YES, friggin HECK YES!  You do.  This program invites you to go from wherever you are now to creating your crazy possible life.  
The question is, are you willing to start believing in you?  If you are, I can contribute.

Simply show up to the watch parties or watch the recordings weekly and apply what you learn.  It's as easy as that.  We support you with a coach, and live coaching weekly.  You literally cannot not have a transformation if you take advantage of everything offered in TYP.

Is this for beginners in consciousness?  
This program is for people who have done a lot of work on themselves to get into the 4D consciousness and now they are ready to go quantum 5D Magical Unicorn.  

This is not for people stuck in their stories, having a hard time letting things go, still in victim mentality or blaming.
Also this is not for people who believe the main stream narrative or watch a lot of TV.

What if my spouse is not on board?
Well, let me be straight here... if you allow anyone else to dictate what you create, you will shrink to fit their perspective.  However this course is about YOU choosing to be congruent with the life YOU'd like to create.  
Click here to email our customer service magicians. Please be specific in your issue so they can get you the resolution quickly!

Talk to our team!

Do you have questions?  Wondering if this course is right for you?
Book in for a no pressure chat with our team here

Just imagine...
Being clear about your future
Knowing exactly how to create it
Seeing your life transform into pure magic
Frustration turning to satisfaction
Imagine having ease with money,
Trust in yourself
Following through on those intuitive hits
Knowing how to use your energy to Be, creating your life

Are you ready to be our next Magical Success Story?

Our all in Guarantee
“Do the Work, Get the Results” Guarantee: 

If you do everything we teach you over the next 8 weeks, attend all 1:1 and group coaching sessions, and haven’t had your transformation we’ll work with you for free until we get you there.

If you have any further questions, we want you to be confident, and even a bit nervous about your investment in your transformation with us, so hop on a no-pressure chat with our team here.

xo Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO
Transform Yourself from 4D Frustration to 5D Magical Living 
in 8 weeks!

Cory Michelle Intl' & Conscious360, LLC - COPYRIGHT @ 2022 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 
Privacy Policy  -  Terms & Conditions  -  Contact us here 
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