Releasing energetic baggage is the key to creating your best year yet.
Every year we set intentions, goals and targets, and every year some actualize and others don't.  All the ups and downs of a year come with energetic baggage that it's no longer useful in our journey. 

Our world for the last 20 months has been turned upside down. So not only do we have energetic baggage from our own world, but from the collective that dampens our energy.

This process will assist you in releasing all that is not yours and no longer helpful so that you can powerfully step into 2022 being your best year yet! 

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Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO

Cory Michelle empowers spiritual seekers to transition from 4D to 5D consciousness and live their magical lives.  She is obsessed with supporting her clients in creating quantum leaps in as little time as possible.  

The processes Cory uses works fast to create consistency in creating anything you desire.  Her focus is on your identity, your future self and embodiment of her so that you have confidence in your creation capacities as a creator being.

"Yes, you can live your magical life!"

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