When you feel stuck and can't see your own blind spots, we can help!

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Dream life roadmap call

Would it be valuable to have a second set of eyes on your creations?  We all have blind spots and when you have someone trained to look for them, it can save you time, money and energy to know what they are!

Book in for a limited time opportunity to look at what's going on in your life now, and how to bridge the gap to creating your dream life so that you can be living it for real.

With just a few questions our team will assist you in identifying some quick next steps to bring clarity and alignment in bringing your dreams alive.

To book in:
1. Choose a time that works for you
2. Join the zoom at your scheduled time and Lydia will dive in, and you can ask her any question about the program.


Ready to change your life from the inside out using energetic alignment so that you can stop working so hard?

Cory Michelle's signature program that is changing lives, Transform Yourself, a customized transformation program helps individuals (who have tried all the manifesting things) and still feel stuck get on their way to bringing their dreams alive!

The fastest and most effective way to create this transformation is through upgrading their identity.  The process Cory Michelle has created allows you to change habits, see yourself differently, empower your choices, enhance your awareness, activate trust in yourself and step into your confident AF version of you, so that you never look back, and have everything you desire.

Your dream life is waiting, we can help you have it.

Check out our client transformations below!

We asked Transform Yourself Program students to share what they transformed during the program... 

Here's what they said!

Nothing is the same about me since working with Cory, I have up-leveled every area of my life.
I received $100k raise, lost 20kilos, have a gorgeous place I love AND am now officially a Sparkle Coach. I never thought I could quantum leap so quickly!

Crystal Mischief

Wellington, New Zealand


I have embodied the Me that is Me!

Lisa Grunden

Georgia, USA

Hi. My name is Lisa Grunden and I have been working with Cory in Creation Academy for nearly a year. What has changed?


I don’t even recognize/associate with the me I was before. I kept showing up day after day, week after week participating in the exercises, journaling, magic mornings, etc. And one day, I suddenly realized the things I had been asking for had actualized in my experience, credit cards with zero balances, money from unexpected places, clients, programs…. The real difference was me. I am different. No longer triggered down the long, dark rabbit holes of anxiety, fear, desperation. Instead, there is this vibration in my body, in my field – awareness’s I don’t always have words for.

I have embodied the Me that is Me. Yes, sometimes I still engage in old behaviors, or they are a fleeting thought – nothing like it used to be. I no longer judge myself harshly, punish myself, sabotage myself or wish that everything could have been different.

I love myself. I love my body. I love my life. I have gratitude for the good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing, all of it.

And, because of all the work I have done that Cory generously facilitated – I am creating crazy possible and beyond and jumped into my Life.

Thank you, Cory!!

My relationship is working better than it has in years!

Julie Eggan

Oregon, USA

Since joining Creation Academy, I feel like I’m on a completely different timeline.

I’ve created a new opportunity for passive income. My relationship with my partner is working better than it’s been in years. And for the first time in my life, magical living feels actually possible, not just a fantasy.

Thank you for helping me create a magical life.

I quit my soul sucking job to follow my calling, putting ME first!

Rachel Hill

Oregon, USA

I made up my mind that my side hustle is truly where my heart is, and it was time to put my current career where it needed to be.

So I start making products, and the next thing I know, my old clients are asking me if I can supply them again.

And it’s all on my terms too!

I've paid off over $35k in debt!

Wendy Dayton

Denver, Colorado

I am a different person and it feels amazing!

Maryann Baker

Portland, Oregon

"Cory is good for you!"

Victoria Longo


In a matter of working with energetic priorities I paid off $50k in debt, money began showing up out of nowhere and I am more happy and fulfilled in my life making a difference for my clients!

Susan Russo

Colorado, USA


Cory Michelle, I no longer focus on the woe is me, and I am now the powerful creator of my life!  It's real, everything I ask for actually shows up!

Michele Wiwchar



"I no longer have doubt, anxiety and fear, and I know how I create that I have never known before". She has the finger on the pulse of what ever is required to unlock and expand.

Monya Nicholson

New Zealand


It's hard to pinpoint what has changed since learning energetic mastery, because everything has changed.  I am different.  My choices are different.
I have more ease creating my life and I feel more relaxed and connected.
Things show up that I've always wanted that felt stuck in the past.  It's amazing!

Michelle Robbe

Victoria, Australia


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From 3D to 5D Living!

"I now live life steeped in the 
energy of possibility."
- Lori Dodson

"I now love my life and I'm 
willing to play big now!"
- Nattolie Hartwell

My Whole Life Changed.
"I did Transform Yourself in November 2021 and wow it catapulted my life into such an epic timeline, I feel like my life is magical now, and it's what I always knew was possible."

 - Nattolie Hartwell, Canada
I'm A Brand New Me.
“I don't even know who the version of me was that signed up for Transform Yourself. 

I signed up for Transform yourself because I've been having trouble figuring out how to create in the 5D when everything around me is crumbling away. 

I'm no longer doing any of the same things in my business. I'm being consistent, which is a lot of fun.”

 - Jennifer Holik, USA
I Got My Happiness Back.
"I feel like me and the level of happiness that I used to have, is just sort of back. 

Which is something I lost for a while. I woke up this morning like, "I'm so happy again." 

I'm also back into creating. I'm writing classes, creating talks, maybe even a book. That has changed dramatically since Transform Yourself."

 - Alicia Sweezer, USA
Amazing, Just Amazing!!!
"Transform Yourself was amazing!!! 

I feel like my head is buzzing with all the things that came during the class. 

I'm trying to be cool and chill about it, but at the same time, I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, that was amazing."

 - Bobbi Frazier, USA
I Discovered How To Be Aligned
“I absolutely loved Transform Yourself, it answered so many questions about why I get stuck in the 4D.

It's had a massive impact on my world. 

I've manifested an amazing high vibrational man, and it happened because, through Transform Yourself, I learned to be unattached to the outcome.”

 - Sara Vine, UK
More Awareness, Less Judgement.
“I signed up for Transform Yourself due to all the drama in the world. 

Since joining, I notice quickly when I get into an energetic addiction which is good because I would always judge myself in the past. That's a big deal for me. 

Also, I have more ease with money and created the extra income to pay for the course.”

 - Faith Presley, Canada
More Focused and Masterful With My Energy.
“Since Transform Yourself, the change in me is that I spend more time focused on what I do want instead of what I don't.

It sounds simple, but it's not always what I've done, and then I get frustrated. 

I can pull back all my energy which is nice and has created a more grounded feeling in my body.”

 - Darla Talbot, Canada
Leaving everything created more!
"I had a number of things in my life I was unsatisfied with and believed I was stuck.  Stressful job, a relationship that wasn't working.  Both were daily energy and happiness sucks.  

After this class, I took the leap, and left both!  It was a little scary, but I knew I couldn't choose unhappiness any longer.  

Almost immediately, a new job popped up that is so much fun and allows me space, and I am really enjoying creating my life for me!"

 -Kara, Illinois
From no money and abusive relationship to freedom!
"When I first started working with Cory, I had nowhere to turn.  I was in an abusive marriage with kids, I didn't know what I could do to change it and was terrified of leaving.  

It's crazy, when I got clear on the life I wanted to be living, possibilities came out of nowhere.  

Long story short, I am now divorced, AND just hit one of my targets of having my very first $10,000 month!  I am the happiest I've ever been."
 -Jennifer C, Illinois
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