Will you be our next Unicorn who becomes next level aligned?

 The Premier Program to Sustain your Identity transformation Unlock your inner magic & 
Create the life you absolutely love!

The Creation Academy

Your year to

Master Your Energy & Claim Your Magic!

Finally! consistently Prioritize yourself without feeling guilting knowing that when you achieve overflow, then you can give like crazy!
Anything you desire is possible with the right support.

24/7 magic is our target
Fulfilling business and life where everything is undeniably 
working out for you.

Apply today!  Creation Academy's Energetic Mastery Method removes invisible blocks so that you know your unique creation magic and can consistently actualize your desires.

Heya! are you ready to have...

More Daily Magic

less feeling frustrated & disappointed

 More Vitality & Energy

end choosing for others and giving your energy away 

 More JOY & LOVE 

leave comparison behind

Know exactly how you create with energy

less formulas & other people's 'way'

 Bring on being ALL Of YOU!

leave behind holding back and hiding

 More EASE & FREEDOM in life

stop working hard

 More Relationships that Have Your Back

release relationships that no longer serve you

 Abundance of Choices

less uncertainty in choices

Most Importantly... 

Become Confident That You Can Create Anything... At Any Time!

Know that you can create anything 
at any time.

Creation Academy offers the support to becoming your future self 
so that you 
Creation Academy has the support to 
Align to your fulfilling future,
Master Your Energy & 
Claim Your Magic
so that you 

Once you become it... 
no one can ever take it away!

Hiya Gorgeous!

When I chat with conscious and awakening women, I often hear that they have tried everything, but have not yet been able to have consistency in actualizing their desires and targets.

Whether it's:
 - 2x-5x their revenue target
 - Attracting their dream clients
 - Having their dream partnership
 - Creating Miracles
 - Traveling the world
 - Having plenty of money at any time for anything
 - Experiencing themselves as confident and unf*ckwithable
 - Being able to completely be authentic with anyone
 - Having a desire and trusting they will manifest it.
 - Or setting BIG targets and having confidence they WILL hit them.

Since they have learned and healed so many things and they have a deep knowing they CAN have what they desire, they all have one thing in common.

They do not yet know precisely HOW they uniquely create their reality.
And, they have not accessed the power of their own energetic mastery.

Typically these folks are brilliant, go-getters, they have hired coaches and been in masterminds, but they are not like everyone else.  

They are here to truly access the power and magic of who they are. To tap into the unified field to create magic in the world and their lives.

-> Unfortunately, they see others apply formulas and get results, and it's frustrating AF when it doesn't work for them.

This is because...
They are not linear creators.  
Linear creation is all about: do A + B to get C.  
Follow the steps, then you will get the result.

Like... build the funnel, do the summit, create the Facebook group and you'll get the clients.

But there are a small percentage of people that linear creation does not work for.

I call these people the Energetic Creators.

You see, these people must be energetically aligned with their desire. If there is anything out of alignment, the desire will not actualize.

Energetic Creators are the unicorns of this reality.  
They don't fit in, and that's part of their magic.

There is no formula for them.... they came to this Earth School to learn how to have Energetic Mastery, so that they can unleash their magic into their life and the world, in turn, creating new realities.

Once they access this 'superpower' with energy, frequency, and BEing, they are unstoppable.

But it can be overwhelming to know where to start and how to navigate your capacities for magic in a linear world.

The ONLY missing piece when they've tried everything is....
My energy was leaking everywhere, and now I have mastery with it!

I was such an empath that I was reacting to everyone else's demands, emotions and issues and this left me always worried what others would think and never really having what I desired.

 When I started removing the energy leaks, I began seeing that I was really powerful, things that I wanted to create began showing up, it's like I turned ON my manifesting power!

- Tracy Reiffersheid, Canada

What is running your life?

Your entire life has been run by subconscious patterns and programs, gifted to you throughout this lifetime (and possibly others), they have dimmed aspects of your consciousness, and hidden your magic from you.  Your choice to explore the vastness of your consciousness will activate the reality you came to create.

Everything that has kept you limited, has kept you 'safe', but now it's time to let it go so you can thrive.

If you are ready to awaken to your potency and experience off the charts magic that will blow your mind, it's available to you.

However, it's going to require a whole new version of you, with a whole new subconscious.

Receive Intuitive Personalized Support
Accelerate Your Reality
Become and Be Seen as Your Magical Self

Tune into your future self who...

Has Mastery With Your Energy & BEing & Creates Like A Unicorn

Discovers The Secrets To How You Uniquely Create Your Reality

Receives Everything You Ask For By Being YOU!

Imagine leaving behind subconscious distractions like...

Self Judgment
Creation Roller Coaster

Repeating Patterns
People pleasing
Limited thinking

Not Knowing
Lack of Clarity

And... so... much... more!

Welcome to the Field of UnicornCEOs

Where you are the magic, the one in charge, the chooser and the chosen one!

What if... everything you desire is on the other side of you knowing exactly HOW you create with energy?

Oh yes, it is!

Imagine... having access to the most powerful training, support, practices, community and tools to unleash your consciousness & experience miracles, magic and more of you in all areas of your life?

You already do, right here!

The Creation Academy is an opening into the expansion of your consciousness where you will learn to deepen your ability to have self energetic mastery in any moment to activate the magic to actualize fulfilling sustainable success personal mastery and claim your potent magic to create sustainable success your way—without ever sacrificing your priorities, energy, or desires in along the way.

Tap into your unlimited potential!

 Life is just getting better than I could imagine!

Energetic Mastery Requires these Skills

Consistency in these are your access to your 5D self and reality!  

Included in the Crazy Possible Creation Academy

Our support is the bomb!

  The Creation Academy Includes

Live 5D Gatherings

In the moment Energetic Mastery

  • ​Kick off with Online 3 Day Quantum Jump Immersion - Being the UnicornCEO of Your Reality
  • ​Future Activation 1:1 Session with Cory Michelle
  • 2x monthly  Group Session diving into 5D topics, tools and support with Cory Michelle
  • Weekly Group Future Self Collabs
  • Weekly Embodiment Group Coaching Sessions 
  • Monthly personalized 1-on-1 accountability sessions with your Creation Academy coach
  • ​1:1 Customized session with our Human Design Coach

Access To Support

Resources at your fingertips

  • Access to the Creation Academy Library of over 222 hours of content and 111 past classes on a variety of cosmic, quantum and transformational topics.
  • Access to 88 past activations to download and play at any time
  • Create Your Mini  Product Course
  • Energetic Mastery in Business recorded sessions
  • ​Active and supportive community
  • ​Access to support 24/7 in our community group

 everything you require to create your new timeline!

  12 Month Pay in Full Bonuses

  •  2 Extra  VIP Acceleration Sessions with Cory Michelle throughout the year ($2000)
  •  These can be used for energetic congruency, business creation, relationship exponentiation or what ever your heart desires to accelerate.

*Only available for  the first 7 UnicornCEO's accepted 

Your magical reality is awaiting....

Your Investment...
The Creation Academy's Energetic Mastery Method gives you the tools, processes, and practice to get you consistently creating everything you desire.   

You will open to trust, confidence, and your awareness to create your reality that is more fulfilling than what you could have ever imagined...

Let me take a moment to ask you some intuitive questions while you notice what you become aware of: 
  • ​What is the impact on your life being on the creation roller coaster?
  • ​If you knew exactly how you create your reality with energy, becoming the 5D version of yourself, what would be possible?
  • ​If you fully trust yourself, what doors does that open for you?
  • ​Imagine knowing you can consistently create anything you desire, what will that be like?
  •  If you do not obtain this level of mastery in your life, what will happen?


2022 Package

7 Months Option

$8800 USD

 2 spots available 

Silver Package #1

12 Months

$1250 USD

12 monthly payments

Or save $1500 with $13,500 pay in full

Silver Package #2

12 Months

$3000 USD

then 12 monthly payments of $997

Or save $1500 with $13,500 pay in full

Gold Package 

12 Months + Quarterly 1:1 
sessions with Cory

$18,888 USD

Only 2 available

Now IS the time to be the version of you who has EVERYTHING you desire!
Everyone wants a magic pill. But it's those who develop energetic mastery who live magical lives.

Creation Academy Pillars

5 Key Skills that support your having energetic mastery in every area of your life.

Trust Your Awareness 100%

Listening, trusting and following your awareness is essential to creating your life.  You will dive right in to deepening your trust with your awareness so that you are confident in choosing based on it.

Radical Curiosity

Unlearning and Un-conditioning yourself from the polarization that keeps you in conflict from who you truly are as a cosmic being is where you'll find the freedom to ask for anything and have it become real.  This skill also allows you to ask generative questions that rearrange reality.

Inspired Action

Again, unlearning working, actions, justification, reasoning, linear thought and conclusions activates the land of magic.  Your ability to do this dictates how effectively you can have your new reality actualize.

Integrity & Follow Through

The biggest issue people struggle with is having integrity with their follow through.  Stopping before they actualize due to distractions and negative self talk.  You will be supported in developing practices that give you strength in following through to manifestation and beyond.

Clarity & Choice

Eliminate the confusion, inner conflict and muck so that you can have clarity in your vision!  You will be supported to hold true to what you know is possible and gain clarity in a way that is easily actionable along with removing the obstacles that are in your way.

Developing mastery in these areas opens the doors to knowing exactly how you create 

...beyond your imagination!

Creation Academy came into my awareness after asking the question...

What can I create that will be a contribution in the world? 

Creation Academy was born from a desire to contribute and use my energetic &  intuitive gifts for facilitating greater consciousness and creating reality.

Some say I am a dream runner, with the ability to tap into your current reality now, hold the vision of what you see possible and assist you in opening the energetic pathways for you to actualize it.  

I believe that everyone who shows up for Creation Academy has the capacity to create what they desire and step into the 5D version of themselves to know they can create anything at any time.

There is a magical combination with the field of consciousness I create, your fellow unicorns, the content and process plus you and your future self that allows your time in Creation Academy to be a catalytic experience.  Things will just start activating by choosing the support we provide here.

If you are asking for the support in knowing you can create anything, book an interview with me today... even if it scares the bajezus out of you! <-- likely an indication that I can assist!

Yes, you can create your desires!
Cory Michelle
5D Mentor & UnicornCEO

What will the world be like when YOU, the brilliant UnicornCEO of YOU are confidently 
creating new realities?

I see a world where visionary leaders are empowered to be the magic they came to be.

They are delighted, satisfied and fulfilled and successful in their lives, knowing they are here to be, contribute and express their brilliance in the world.

I see a world where each of us is a contribution, and the morphemic field we co-create with source continues to shine brighter and brighter.

We cannot help but be our 5D being, it's impossible to dim us as our light is what we came to be.

Unicorns, let's shine on!

In Creation Academy, we can guarantee that if you show up, engage, and participate you will NOT be the same person you are today.

Highlights From Creation Academy UnicornCEO's

Letting go of all the hows and having congruence has made all the difference in my life!

Helene P-Gariepy

Quebec, Canada


I signed up with Cory Michelle because I knew something was missing in my life.  I am 87 years young and finally able to love myself!  It's a miracle!

John Thoma

Queensland, Australia


It's hard to pinpoint what has changed since learning energetic mastery, because everything has changed.  I am different.  My choices are different.
I have more ease creating my life and I feel more relaxed and connected.

Michelle Robbe

Victoria, Australia


Working with Cory Michelle on my Energetic Mastery I have gone from not trusting me or believing I was aware to having my own back like a mofo and never doubting what I know!
Before I'd react as a victim and now I choose as an empowered woman.
I am now becoming the me I’m here to be.
I created amazing relationships with my sons.
Lots of things I’ve asked for have magically showed up.

Kristy Hudson

Queensland, Australia


Nothing is the same about me since working with Cory, I have up-leveled every area of my life.
I received $100k raise, lost 20kilos, have a gorgeous place I love AND am now officially a Sparkle Coach. I never thought I could quantum leap so quickly!

Crystal Mischief

Wellington, New Zealand


In a matter of working with energetic priorities I paid off $50k in debt, money began showing up out of nowhere and I am more happy and fulfilled in my life making a difference for my clients!

Susan Russo

Colorado, USA


Cory Michelle, I no longer focus on the woe is me, and I am now the powerful creator of my life!  It's real, everything I ask for actually shows up!

Michele Wiwchar



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Video Testimonials from Creation Academy Unicorns

From 3D to 5D Living Compilation of Highlights!

Creation Academy 3 year plan

Gaining energetic mastery as the foundation of your future self takes time.  To do this sustainably we require life to show up, and for those times when things come up to pivot into your future self instead of going back into the subconscious.
We find that year 1 is gaining full conscious inner standing of what it takes, and the first 3-5 quantum leaps manifest. You are rearranging, gaining footing, consistency in being and learning a whole new YOU to be.
Year 2: Taking it from the internal process to creating effectively externally
Year 3: Magical living is embodied.

This high level of practice and support is what will allow your entire life to jump tracks and YOU will evolve into the next version of you, who lives your magical life.

Each year you have a choice to continue to fully living your 5D self, living your magical life!

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